Ronda Rousey is a strait G

Ronda Rousey won an ESPY for Best Fighter over several candidates, one of which was Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  Rousey is easily the most dominant women’s fighter in MMA or any other form of martial arts (hair-pulling and bitch-you-don’t-know-me-kung fu), but who knew that she would take to the offensive AFTER winning the ESPY for biggest badass.

The nervous laughs from Jesse Palmer after Rousey’s comments indicate that he was too scared, anxious and slightly turned on yet STILL frightened to even attempt to get a follow-up question out of his spray-tanned face-hole.

If I was Rousey, I would’ve followed with this, “and while we’re on the subject of dumb shit, why am I being presented with this award on the red carpet as I’m walking into the award show?  Why am I NOT on stage receiving this award like a regular human being?!?!”.


Seriously, am I the only person who’s wondering why she got this award on the curb, OUTSIDE the building?

Maybe the Academy Awards will adopt this dynamic for the awards that the average film fan doesn’t care much about.

Just start handing out best dramatic short/best sound editing Oscars on the red carpet and give the viewers a break on the acceptance speeches from people no one knows.  “Thanks for coming, you can get right back in your limo and go to the after-party.”

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