Shane Victorino Reminds Us That Pro Athletes Are Actually Human


Being traded must feel like a break-up, each one can be different and for specific reasons, some good and some terrible, but no matter what it will be tough and emotional, proved yesterday by Shane Victorino.

The Flyin Hawaiian”, who broke down into tears during his exit press conference after being traded to the Anaheim Angels yesterday,  has only been in Boston for 2 1/2 seasons, but from day-1 you could tell he was a “Boston Guy”.  He is exactly the kind of player that a team like the Red Sox needed, he embraced the city of Boston and the Red Sox fans, he rose to the call and was a BIG part of the 2013 season when the Sox won the World Series.

Shane is the best type of teammate for any locker room, he’s passionate, honest, never takes a day off and he obviously LOVES the game and his teammates.  He’ll be missed in Boston I’m sure.

Victorino just came off the DL and will probably step into the lineup for Anaheim feeling resurged and fresh.  Not to mention they’re also in first place in the AL West and contending for a championship.  Best of luck in SoCal Shane, I’m sure they’ll love you there.


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