Deflategate THIS

For the first time in months someone out there is talking about something OTHER than “Deflategate” when Tom Brady’s name is mentioned.  Granted this is just pre-season footage, but an Edelman to Brady TD grab with a nuance of Odell Beckham-ness will get me excited:

That’s some serious extension there TFB, maybe a secret weapon in the making??


The Marlins Enjoy a Good Fart Joke

The Scene:  Marlins vs Nationals in Miami, pre-game Nationals batting practice.

The Plot:  Fart noises during batting practice.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.18.10 AM

Eventually, the Nationals took matters into their own hands and set up a speaker by the batting cage to pump some tunes over the fart sounds.

CLHMSk3WEAA-zeCMy guess on the music: Drake, think anyone could tell the difference between the music and the farts?

Bravo Marlins PA Booth Guys, braaaaaavo.