The 22 year Anniversary of Nolan Ryan Whoopin Some Ass

If you’re old enough and care to admit it, you may remember that on this date 22 years ago, a young and virile Robin Ventura (no relation to Jesse “The Body” Ventura) caught a Nolan Ryan fastball square in his backpack.  The G. I. Joe Retaliation was unequivocally and exponentially greater than any Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Bruce Willis-lead sequel EVER conceived.


Robin charged Batman (Nolan Ryan) with the fury of a thousand infant-hand punches, causing Batman to pull out his finishing move:  The Nolan Ryan Face Crippler.

In an epic battle to the almost-bleeding but not really scathed, the two men walked away with their pride and dignity……..well, their pride anyway.  I mean, Ventura kinda got his ass kicked and yet really no solid punches seemed to land.  Ryan’s hand probably hurt a bunch from hitting Robin’s forehead, kinda like hitting a wall after your girlfriend broke up with you (I guess Robin’s the girlfriend in this scenario?).

Obviously the HOF pitcher hadn’t seen Bull Durham or he would’ve known to always punch a drunk asshole with your NON-PITCHING hand to avoid injury.



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