Cam Newton Is BIGGER than You

This morning at the Carolina Panthers Training Camp (words I thought I’d NEVER type), a wrestling match broke out between 6’5″ – 245 lbs Cam Newton and 6’0″ – 190 lbs Josh Norman that ended with one man on his back lying on the ground and the other man being a two-time Pro Bowl Quarter Back.


According to reports, Cam threw an interception to Norman during a drill.  Norman fell to the ground as he caught it and the play should’ve been over (in practice, there’s no need to get up and run to the endzone like an asshole during a drill).  But the loud-talking, biggest mouth on the field, Josh Newton got up and took it to the house with no one chasing him.

It escalated when Cam, who had been rolling out on the play, gave Newton a love-tap push in the endzone as if to say, “slow your roll youngster, I’m Cam effing Newton”.

Norman got up and pushed back, then Cam gave him the People’s Elbow and took him down.

I love a good preseason scurfuffle between players, but does it say something that a young CB just went after the starting, veteran QB?  I mean, I can’t recall that happening very often.  Good luck this season Panthers fans.