There Are GREAT Athletes Walking Among Us

Question:  Have you ever been playing a quick game of (insert backyard BBQ drunken game here) horseshoes, corn-hole, ping-pong or wiffle ball with someone who is (to put it simply), A GREAT ATHLETE hiding under an unimpressive 5’9″ skinny, scraggly frame?

The kind of guy that you look at and think, “I bet he’s a great barista” and then he destroys you in a game of ping-pong?  These guys walk among us like secret, pre-dad-beer-bellied, superheros.   Well, here’s an example of a Secret Great Athlete in the flesh:

Did you see that catch!?!?!  How about that hit too!?!?  That pitch was the nastiest rising screwball I’ve ever seen.  Thank you internet.

Firstly, this is a professional wiffle ball league?????  Where do I sign up for that!?!?

Secondly, I have now rabbit-holed into a never-ending youtube black hole of wiffle ball videos:


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