New Los Angeles Stadium Plans Revealed


The latest version of the NFL-inducing football stadium in Carson, CA have been revealed.  The first most noticeable change was the removal of the large tower-like structure.  The giant metal penis structure would’ve shot lightning bolts out of the top when the Chargers scored a TD and also would’ve burned an eternal flame during Raiders games to remind all fans that Al Davis is always watching and is still actually managing the team.


Replacing the large phallic tower, is a giant shiny version of the Lombardi Trophy (the closest the Raiders and Chargers have been to a Super Bowl in a looong time).  My guess is that it will pose as the visual motivation for  both teams, or more accurately a constant looming reminder that neither team collectively has sniffed a Super Bowl since 2003.


With the strong possibility that both teams will be moving to LA in the near future, the NFL will have to look into realigning the divisions and conferences.  Scheduling would be a nightmare to have two teams in the same city, playing on the same field, playing in the same conference (AFC West).  The likely scenario is the Chargers moving to the NFC West and the Arizona Cardinals moving to the AFC West.  The Raiders have a deeper, longer running rivalry with teams in the AFC West and let’s face it….no one really cares if the Chargers move into the NFC.

Carmen Policy (what a name), who is leading the Carson stadium plan, said that both teams are more than willing to talk realignment:

The teams have made clear to the league and NFL owners that “you send us to LA and you’ll make the decision as to who plays in what conference or division,” Policy told reporters after detailing stadium plans for business leaders and a sports group at an event in downtown Los Angeles.

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