Groundhog Day for RG III

MAYBE Robert Griffin III has a GIANT microscope on him for his never-ending, running of the mouth, MAYBE he talks himself into corners with the media, MAYBE the media needs to let-up on the man a little bit and let him breath.

Regardless, HE DEFINITELY will be running for his life yet again this season, and it doesn’t look very fun.  RG III was concussed last night in the preseason game against the Detroit Lions, he left the game in the second quarter with a stinger and was evaluated for a concussion.

It was released today that he DID in fact receive a concussion and he’s been mumbling obscenities and keeps repeating “The Media’s Coming” all morning.  OK, maybe that last part isn’t totally true, but he did receive a concussion.

I hate posting these two ass-clowns, but it’s the only video I could make available.  So here you go, the two out-of-touch professional loud-talk-arguers weigh in on Robert Griffin III:

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