Ryan Clark Says Trent Richardson Is The Worst Running Back EVER

ESPN’s First Take correspondent and semi-regular co-host Ryan Clark, made a HUGELY bold statement tearing the newly unemployed running back, Trent Richardson completely apart limb by limb (watch the first 4 minutes):

Trent Richardson was a #3 draft pick in 2012, merely 3 years ago.  Now he may have played his last NFL down after being cut by the Oakland Raiders (talk about hitting rock-bottom) on Monday.  He’s played on three different teams going into what would be his 4th season in the pros, with his most productive season to date being his rookie campaign with Cleveland compiling 950 yds rushing and 12 total TDs.

When he was drafted EVERYONE thought he’d be a stud right away, everyone except Hall of Famer Jim Brown and Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.  Seems like the Browns, Colts and Raiders should’ve listened.

I expect someone will pick up Richardson before the preseason is even done, the NFL has a garage sale mentality, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


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