Can’t We All Just Get Along!?!?!

Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season was capped off by an ars-whoopin of epic proportions by the San Francisco 49ers over the Minnesota Vikings Monday night.   The stadium that wore pants (Levis Stadium) was given a great home opening victory and a spectacular individual performance by RB Carlos Hyde (26 carries, 168 yds, 2 TDs).  Hyde became the first SF running back to total over 100 yds rushing and 2 TDs or more in a home-opener since Garrison Hearst in 1998.  Not to mention he put a NASTY spin-move on #97 (Everson Griffen) leading to a 10-yard TD run that ignited the crowd.

Everson Griffen’s ankles are reportedly still missing and presumed dead at this point.  CSI-San Francisco is on the case, but they have no further comment.

After the 20-3 schlacking of the Minnesota Vikings on the field, some (presumably well-lubricated/sauced) 49ers fans decided to take the exclamation point and kick/punch it down a Vikings fan’s face just to reiterate the point.

This is why we can’t have nice things America.

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