Everyone Has A Plan Until You Get Punched In The Face (a good waste of 15 minutes)

A great article posted on ESPN today listing the Top 25 Worst Blowouts In Sports History had me grinning like an idiot with string cheese while i sat at my cubical desk this morning.

The list is long and distinguished (zing), with the lowlights highlights of various games that I remembered starting with the New England Patriots 59-0 over the Tennessee Titans in 2009 when Tom Effing Brady threw 5 TDs in the second quarter.  Titans QBs, Kerry Collins and Vince Young COMBINED for -7 yards passing that day.  WOW.

I kept reading and stopped in my tracks at #21 on the list:  Mike Tyson def. Marvis Frazier, 30-second TKO……..then I found the fight on youtube (thanks internet):

It made me realize and remember just how much of a complete lunatic FORCE that Mike Tyson at age 20 really was.  If you’ve never watched a real Tyson fight, I mean from when he was REALLY Mike Tyson between 1987-1991ish, then here you go:

Have a happy Friday all you CoLA desciples.






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