Will Ferrell Should Reboot “Battle of the Network Stars”

Will Ferrell should lead a reboot of the “Battle of the Network Stars” immediately.  Put it on HBO so we could hear all the behind-the-scenes-shit-talking between celebrities, shoot it like “HBO – Hard Knocks” and have Christopher Walken host the thing.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch that show?

I mean who wouldn’t wanna see Will Ferrell play Vince Vaughn in badminton?  Or Kevin James race that fat guy from “Mike and Molly” on an obstacle course?!?!

How about Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake vs. Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg in a three-legged race!?!?  Tina Fey vs. Amy Poehler in the javelin throw!?!?  The possibilities are endless.

This is an instant classic waiting to happen and 20-year money-maker for any network.  It gives everything the public wants in a reality game show: celebrities, athletic prowess, comedy, ultra-competitiveness disguised as good, clean fun and most importantly someone to laugh at when they fall down and break a clavicle.

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