SMU Basketball Gets The Bryce Harper Treatment (choked out)

It’s awesome accurate unbelievable to me that the Papelbon choke-job on Bryce Harper for not running out a pop-fly has been turned into such a “Bryce Harper is a douche” diatribe by so many in the last few days.  To quote one of my favorite college basketball teammates: “Anonymous” – “ain’t nobody ABOVE an ass-whoopin”.


Similarly, another choke-heard-round-the-world (figuratively) has been extended by the NCAA around the mullet-ed, unshaven, revoked scholarship-ed, basketball throat of the SMU Mustangs Men’s Basketball team.

In a statement release by the NCAA:

A former assistant men’s basketball coach encouraged a student-athlete to enroll in an online course to meet NCAA initial eligibility standards and be admitted to the university. After he enrolled in the course, a former men’s basketball administrative assistant obtained the student’s username and password then completed all of his coursework. The student-athlete received fraudulent credit for the course and, as a result, competed while ineligible during his freshman season. When speaking with NCAA enforcement staff, the student-athlete admitted that the former administrative assistant asked him to provide false information during the interview. In its decision, the panel noted it is very troubled that academic advising was administered by athletics staff.

SMU has been smacked with some pretty heavy (weight has nothing to do with it) sanctions, including a one-year postseason ban, scholarship reductions, vacation of wins, and a nine-game suspension for head coach Larry Brown.  ESPN is reporting that the player in question here (that the NCAA has not revealed) is Keith Frazier, who averaged 27 minutes per game, 10 ppg and 4 rpg last season as a sophomore.


Well, guys………shit.


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