Lamar Odom Update

When I began researching this morning to find an update about Lamar Odom’s health and current status, I eventually did what all of us typically do, google “Lamar Odom”.

I was instantly depressed when I saw the TOP HEADLINE from the search results was:  “Khloe and Lamar Call Off Divorce, We’re Giving Marriage a Second Chance”

I can’t throw up in my mouth fast enough as I scroll down half a page before I see any headline that actually discusses his current status and what is happening in his recovery.  According to CNN and several other news sites, Lamar is improving and is now in Los Angeles at Cedar-Sanai Hospital recovering “miraculously”.  He reportedly is breathing on his own, has stood up out of bed and even taken a few steps.  Amazing news considering where he was a week ago.rs_634x1024-151014072439-634.Lamar-Odom-Staples.jl.101415

As I continued scrolling, I came across the best article I’ve read about the trolling, succubus, man-destroying, demons that are the Kardashian women…specifically related to the Lamar Odom situation.

Copy and paste the link below or click here, truly a well-written column by the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke.

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