Somebody, Please Give ESPN’s Reese Waters His Own Show

The most exciting, interesting and consistently entertaining personality among the robotic-drones on the ESPN morning shows is always comedian/sports enthusiast Reese Waters.  He brings a realness and stand-up comedic point of view to the otherwise statistical and overproduced sports cloud of Dallas Cowboy/New York Knicks/Lebron James/Skip Bayless/Stephen A Smith/big brother is watching/butter knife of a sports show cutlery that ESPN mornings have become.

Seriously, who are these people on ESPN now?  What’s going on with these morning shows?

How is First Take STILL on TV?  Haven’t we gotten past the argumentative battle for the unnecessary, robust, fake-emotional bag of sports posturing between Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless?  Can we evolve as sports fans?

Yes we can, and Reese Waters can help move us in the right direction.


Reese recreating ESPN’s The Mag “Body Issue”


For more on Reese Waters, click here.

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