Jason Williams SHOULD Still Be On An NBA Roster

“White Chocolate” can still hoop……in the past 6 months, several videos and highlight reels of Jason Williams have surfaced from various Pro-Am’s, proving two things: 1) He can still play, and he’s 40 years old.  2)  Man, I miss seeing him run up and down the floor droppin dimes left and right and crossing defenders up.

I would’ve done a TBP of the Month officially for Jason, but Uncle Drew already stole the spotlight for November.  So this is just a little extra salsa on the taco for this month’s retro, turn-back-the-clock review.

I give you……(trumpet plays), the ultimate Jason Williams highlight:

Among the resurfacing and reemergence of the legend that is Jason Williams, this video of him in a Pro-Am in Orlando last summer took control of the hoops internet for several weeks:

Just recently, ANOTHER “White Chocolate” highlight from last summer at a Pro-Am in China was brought to my attention:

He’s 40 years old and from the looks of things, could still be on an NBA roster.  I mean granted, he IS playing against Pro-Am defense in these recent videos, which is similar to driveway basketball defense or more accurately, James Harden defense.

But, are you telling me he couldn’t get 15-20 minutes a night for the point guard-less LA Lakers…or the 0-12 Philadelphia 76ers?  If I was LA, New Orleans, Philly or Brooklyn I’d be on the phone right now.