Peyton Manning Already Has Job Offers


Has there ever been an NFL player who broke a major career record, was benched for bad play (injury), retired AND got a job in an NFL Front Office all in less than a month?

Peyton Manning may end up being the first to accomplish all of those career marks over the next few weeks, putting him solidly at the forefront of a new chapter in the football record books entitled: “This Can’t Be True, Right?”

  • Other members of that category include (these are all true): 1) Walter Payton in 1979, throwing, running and catching TD’s all in one game.  2) The 1943 “Steagles”, in 1943 the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles were forced to combine teams due to many players on both rosters being drafted to WWII…then during the next season, 1944, the Steelers combined with the Chicago Cardinals due to lack of players (thanks a lot World War II), calling themselves “Carpit”, they went 0-10 on the season.  3) Brad Johnson in 1997, threw a TD pass to HIMSELF. 

Peyton Manning has such a comical laundry-list of injuries that it’s nothing short of a miracle that he was playing football at all during the last two seasons.  He has a surgically enhanced neck, lost half of his throwing shoulder in a random Papa John’s Pizza-oven accident, maybe-but-maybe-not, but PROBABLY broken ribs, and not to mention a partially torn plantar fascia……OH, I forgot, ALSO the torn quadriceps he played with last year.  Seriously, “The 6 Million Dollar Man” has less rebuilt body parts.

Today, the Denver Broncos’ back-up QB, Brock Osweiler, took the field in place of Peyton and played well enough to give Denver the win over the Chicago Bears 17-15.


BOSSweiler (my official nickname for Brock) went 20-27 passing, 2 TDs and 250 yards proving for at least THIS week, that Peyton Manning may be closer to the front office than he is to taking the field again.  And right on cue,  a report from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, surfaced today saying that the Browns and Titans are already thinking about how to add Manning to the fold, and have “strong interest” in Manning for a front office role.

“Manning has a strong relationship with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam from their ties to the state of Tennessee, and Haslam’s interest in having Manning in a management/ownership role are long known (dating back several years to his interest in the Titans at the time). The Titans have already essentially wiped their entire organizational slate clean for 2016 from team president on down in what’s likely a precursor to a pursuit of Manning, who has told friends for years how much he might enjoy living in Tennessee after his playing days are over.”


There’s an old saying in football (what?!?), “If you have a Quarter Back controversy, then you don’t really HAVE a Quarter Back”.  Having said that, it really seems like a legit controversy is about to erupt in Denver, do you EVER bring back Peyton if BOSSweiler continues to play well?  Do you owe it to Peyton to give him another shot when he’s “healthy” again?  Will he EVER actually be healthy again?  When is it time to….dare I say it, move on??  Remember that if BOSSweiler can somehow lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl win, Peyton still gets his second ring.

**possible Brock Osweiler nicknames:  “Brock-N-Roll”, “The Denver Brockos”, “Brock-Lobster”, “Brock-To-The-Future”, “Like a BOSSweiler”, “My Neck…My Brock, My Neck AND My Brock”, “Brock O’ Clock”, or just plain old “BOSSweiler”.

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