20 Minutes of NOT Wasted Time

I’ve gone…..and done it again.  I fell down the rabbit hole of vintage 80s and 90s NBA highlights.

For anyone who is under 30, just shutup and watch these videos.  You need the education.

Let’s start it off with the best NBA Dunk Contests of All-Time:

A few notes: 1) Yes, Dr. J hit his head on the backboard in that first dunk.  2) The flat-top, gold-chain wearing, windmill machine from the Knicks is Kenny “Sky” Walker….and he was old school before old school was old school. 3) Cedric Ceballos could see through the blind-fold. 4) Brent Barry won a dunk contest without ever removing his warm-up jacket. 5) Stevie “Franchise” Francis sighting!  6) Jason Richardson’s bounce was DIRRRRRTTTTY. 7) Tracy McGrady would’ve won a dunk contest if his cousin, Vince Carter, wasn’t an alien from Planet Bouncey-Bounce. 8) Nate Robinson is so little!  9) Javale McGee was IN A DUNK CONTEST…and dunked on 2 hoops?!?!? 10) Vince Carter was ridiculous, and single-handedly made the wackest AND-1 shoes cool for like 5 minutes.

Shaq in high school is worth watching:

Vince Carter in high school is ALSO worth watching:

Oh, Lebron James was in a dunk contest in 2003:

And speaking of dunks, here’s MJ:

And just for fun, here’s some more MJ:

Remember “The Answer”?  Allen Iverson was UNGUARDABLE:

How about some Lakers love you say?  OK, Magic Johnson and the showtime Lakers:

How about a little more Shaq:

Julius Erving…AKA: the first Michael Jordan:

and last but least, The “Human Highlight Reel”, Dominique Wilkins:

Enjoy, more to come next time I’m feeling nostalgic……..

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