Reason # 958 Why We Love NCAA Basketball

The college basketball season is in it’s infancy, BUT already we’ve seen highlights so ground-breaking they’d make The Rock strap on a helmet, man the helm of a helicopter and save lives…..”San Andreas”….nobody, hello? 

You think Nic Cage saw that trailer as he looked up from painting a self-portrait of himself gazing dramatically in a mirror while painting a self-portrait of himself gazing EVEN MORE dramatically in a mirror……and screamed out, “Why am I not in that movie!?!?”.  I’m sure he called his agent immediately and is now signed on for “San Andres 2: The Aftermath”

Sorry, I must have been daydreaming about Nic Cage again……back on subject now.

The NCAA hoops season is under way, for the casual hoops fan out there I’m sure you haven’t noticed yet due to the constant onslaught of NFL coverage and advertisements on EVERY damn channel ALL the damn time.  If I see another Fanduel or Draft Kings advertisement, I may lose it completely and set fire to my wallet before I can “take advantage of their 200% reload-deposit promotion that’s about to run out”.

Thank god for college hoops…’s many reasons to start paying attention.  Oh, need I remind you that March Madness is only 3 months-ish away.

The Monmouth Bench Squad

Texas Longhorns’ Kerwin Roach

LSU’s Ben Simmons

Kansas’ Cheick Diallo

More of a reason to hate BYU

An Indiana Hoosiers Guard Named Yogi

Kentucky is still good

Syracuse is in trouble

The Big10 – ACC Challenge is GREAT

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