In case you have a life and weren’t watching Thursday Night Football last night (STILL weird); you missed a giant WTF-JUST HAPPENED game between the Detroit Zombie-Lions and the Green Bay Injured-Reserved Packers.  Let me briefly fill you in on what you missed: THE LONGEST HAIL MARY-WINNING PLAY IN NFL HISTORY.

The Miracle in MoTown!

The Lions lead 17-0 at halftime, the game was a train-wreck to watch and completely boring on all accords.  The Packers STILL apparently hadn’t woken up from their multi-week, sleep-walking, too much turkey and gravy, game plan that’s been plaguing fantasy owners and Green Bay fans like the nut-check torture  scene in James Bond “Casino Royale” .

Then, all of a sudden as if God is a Packers fan (he definitely hates the Lions), Aaron Rodgers reminded us why he’s the Discount Double-Check KING of Insurance and Football in the mid-west.   An incredible 61-yard “please somebody catch it” heave for a game-winning TD by everyone’s favorite QB-who can save you 40% on auto insurance.


I know they didn’t play the Bears last night, I just thought this was funny.

The hail-mary wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a suspect (but justified in the moment) face-mask call on the previous play when DE Devin Taylor reached out to bring down the mighty A-A-Ron, and Taylor’s right hand made contact with Rodgers’s mask.  In super-slow-mo, the replay showed it wasn’t as bad as it looked and in fact, maybe wasn’t even a penalty.  BUT, in real time you can’t blame the refs for making the call.



This penalty gave the Packers one more play with ZERO TIME remaining on the clock.  Time for the old back-yard, everybody go deep and we chuck it to the sky-play that NEVER works…..even in the backyard.

One more time:

That’s GAME-TIME folks.  Let’s go home.





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