Greg Popovich Loves Craig Sager, But Hates Interviews

Firstly, let’s get this straight……Greg Popovich is awesome.  He’s the Bill Belichick of the NBA in every way possible.  I have no doubt that the two of them are best friends in the off-season and take yoga classes together in order to find eachother’s Ch’i.  Maybe someday they’ll quit delaying the inevitable and open a fine cheese and wine shop together and call it “The Beli-Vich Artisan Gallery”.  I imagine the Tony Parker – French Cheese Tray Ensemble would be breathtaking and paired perfectly with a Tom Brady – Bordeaux…….ahhhhhh, a man can dream can’t he?

So last night Popovich continued mastering the art of non-conformity to the NBA’s absurd in-game interviews by welcoming back Craig Sager (who has been going through cancer treatments) to the business of NBA interviews and ridiculous questioning.  It was a classic moment filled with real sentiment and sarcasm between grown-ass men:


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