Kevin Garnett Turns Back The Clock On Blake Griffin’s FACE

In the NBA, there’s a slightly unwritten rule guideline for defenders; if you’re the only guy back on defense in a 2-on-1 situation where someone big or athletic (or formerly athletic) is trailing the play slightly (timing up his steps) and he has ANY amount of bounce left in his system, you’re gonna get dunked on.  You’re better off “going for the steal” on the pass or faking an injury and just running off the court before you get humiliated.  EVEN if you stand motionless in an attempt to take the charge, you will be mashed-on like potatoes on Thanksgiving…..pass the gravy son, you got served!

  “My priiiiiide’s telling me nooooooooo, but my body… bodddddyyyyyyy is telling me yesssss!”  Kevin Garnett STILL has a little bump-n-grind left in his system, if you let him get his feet timed-up, WATCH OUT.


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