Junior and Piazza Voted In The HOF


Ken Griffey Jr. was elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame on Wednesday with the highest voting percentage ever (99%), and Mike Piazza (as ladies with barbed-wire tattoos swoon) will join the esteemed company in Cooperstown, NY.

Griffey made his way onto 437 of 440 ballots in his first appearance on the Baseball Writers’ Association of America ballot.  Quick math deduction skills lets me know that the total of 99.3 % topped the previous high-mark of 98.84 %, set when Tom Seaver appeared on 425 of 430 ballots in 1992.  The real question is; WHO ARE THE ASSHOLE, BASEBALL-DICK-WRITERS THAT DIDN’T VOTE FOR JUNIOR?

The voters who didn’t vote-in Griffey on his first ballot are the epitome of stick-in-the-mud bullshit artists posing as sports writer-demigods.  THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH BASEBALL!  How is Ken Griffey Jr. NOT a unanimous decision?!?!?

This is how I picture the voting process: these ass-hats sat in their barcaloungers and scribbled names onto a scan-tron test sheet with a red crayon while Looney Tunes played on the TV in the background, completely ignoring their microwave meatloaf dish that their mom begrudgingly prepared for them.

When Bugs Bunny popped out of his wabbit-hole and delivered his catch-phrase line, “Ehhhhh, what’s up doc?”, these jabronis laughed hysterically like the mullet-dawning, Bud Light swigging, America’s Funniest Home Videos watching dorkwhores that they are……..and then they forgot to write in Griffey’s name.

That’s the only conclusion I can come up with that explains why Junior was not 100% voted in, but maybe I missed something.


the greatest swing in baseball history

Griffey was a 13-time All-Star outfielder and finished with 630 career homers, putting him at sixth on the career list (and no steroids).  In an era that was consumed with homeruns and steroid allegations, Griffey was never tied to any scandals or any PED use, he was the definition of what baseball needed at the time.  A great athlete who bashed homers and played the game the “right way”.  He single-handedly made the game cool and fun to watch again during an over-muscled, steroid-tainted era (thanks McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, Bonds).  And yet 3 HOF voters didn’t see him as a first-ballot selection to Cooperstown.



Mike Piazza was a 12-time All-Star with a .308 career batting average, Piazza became the top offensive catcher in big league history as well as the trailer-park’s answer to George Clooney.  Seriously, EVERY lady secretly was in love with Piazza’s pretty-boy with a mullet, Camaro-driving, mustache-ride style.

He hit better than .300 in nine straight seasons and finished with 427 home runs, including a record 396 when he was in the game behind the plate.  Piazza received 83% of the votes to make his way into the HOF on his fourth appearance.

“Incredibly special. Wow,” Piazza said on a call with MLB Network.

“I sat here with my mouth on the floor,” he said.

“Yogi Berra had like four ballots. Joe DiMaggio had three ballots,” Piazza said. “And so myself being sort of a student of the history of the game, and having respect for the process, it was nail-biting at times, but I had a tremendous amount of support throughout my career from the writers and the fans.”

Just for perspective:

A player needs 75 % of the votes to make the HOF, this year Jeff Bagwell missed by 15 votes and Tim “Rock” Raines missed by 23. Trevor Hoffman, on the ballot for the first time, was 34 votes short.

There were solid increases for a pair of steroiders. Roger Clemens rose to 45 percent and Barry Bonds to 44 percent, both up from about 37 percent last year.

****sidenote: Pete Rose STILL isn’t in the HOF, and he didn’t touch steroids.  Greatest hitter of all time, NOT in the HOF.

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