Pacman Jones Owes An Apology

Adam “Pacman” Jones opens his mouth a lot, so much that even Kathy Griffin would agree that he could maybe sit out a few plays……seriously, drop the mic.

After Vontaze Burfict’s illegal hit on Antonio Brown in last week’s Wild Card Playoff game, Pacman claimed that Antonio Brown was faking his concussion/injury and deserved an Academy nomination for his performance (which would make Brown the only non-white actor nominated for Best Actor this year, I mean seriously come on Academy Awards get it together).

“Man, that (expletive) was (expletive) acting. He flopped. He needs a (expletive) Academy Award for that performance.”  Said Pacman Jones….

Pacman took to social media on his ride home after the 18-16 loss to the Steelers:

Then on the Dan Patrick Show, Pacman called Antonio Brown out for faking his injury:

Jones said he would apologize to Brown if the Pittsburgh wideout doesn’t play in his team’s divisional playoff against the Broncos.  But Jones stayed strong in his stance that Brown winked at him, and pointed to Brown’s Snapchat account as proof that he’s fine.


Friday, January 15th ESPN Headline

Steelers WR Antonio Brown (concussion) out against Broncos

Now the sports world waits in full attention and suspense on an “apology” from Adam Pacman Jones.  The clock tics… the world turns.

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