Is This OK?

The Clippers were in Boston last night, marking what will probably be the last time Paul Pierce sets foot on the parquet floor as a player.  Pierce was a fixture in Boston for fifteen seasons, bringing Bean-Town an NBA championship in 2008 for which he was the Finals MVP.

Not to mention chalking up 10 All-Star appearances and being ranked in the franchise’s top  five all-time for points, games played, field goals made, free throws made and top ten all-time in literally EVERY franchise category imaginable.

He WAS the Celtics for all of the 2000’s until he was traded to Brooklyn for 57 first round picks and a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

So then last night after a solid, warm welcome from Boston fans, the Clippers fake-stabbed Paul Pierce during the starting lineup announcements?  I’m guessing that was supposed to be some kind of homage to the time Pierce was stabbed 11 times in a Boston nightclub?  WTF is going on with the Clippers?

Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts; Boise State Got SCREWED

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.36.02 AM

Even as a local Coloradoan, I can say confidently that we got away with one here.

Last night in an entertaining mid-major college hoops feet of strength, the Boise State Broncos seemed to have pulled off the miracle buzzer-beating win over the hosting Colorado State Rams.  The Broncos’ James Webb III hit’s a bank-shot three pointer with just 0.8 seconds left to play to seemingly give the Idahoians a huge Mountain West conference win on the road from the planet Hoth (Colorado).

BUT (huge ass on this one), when the zebras went to the monitor to review the last second hot-potato, they determined that the clock did not start at the exact moment when Webb III received the ball, and therefore ruled that he did not get the shot off in under .8 seconds.  Now if you’re a man of science, or just common sense, you may ask how the refs got to this conclusion, how did they determine the lag time in the clock starting?  They used the same tool that your girlfriend/wife throws in your face every Friday night to determine if you provided them with the “satisfaction” of a good night sleep……a stop-watch.

Here is the shot in slow motion, notice the clock above the basket:

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt weighed in last night with his two-cents.

And now for the twitter-verse to take control and ruin every referee’s life for the next week:

A real-life reliable way to determine how long it took Webb III to get that shot off is to break down the video of the shot frame by frame, which is completely possible to do in real time during the game.  Webb III held the ball for 17 frames before releasing it, which is equal to 0.57 seconds.  BOOM, done and done.