Is This OK?

The Clippers were in Boston last night, marking what will probably be the last time Paul Pierce sets foot on the parquet floor as a player.  Pierce was a fixture in Boston for fifteen seasons, bringing Bean-Town an NBA championship in 2008 for which he was the Finals MVP.

Not to mention chalking up 10 All-Star appearances and being ranked in the franchise’s top  five all-time for points, games played, field goals made, free throws made and top ten all-time in literally EVERY franchise category imaginable.

He WAS the Celtics for all of the 2000’s until he was traded to Brooklyn for 57 first round picks and a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

So then last night after a solid, warm welcome from Boston fans, the Clippers fake-stabbed Paul Pierce during the starting lineup announcements?  I’m guessing that was supposed to be some kind of homage to the time Pierce was stabbed 11 times in a Boston nightclub?  WTF is going on with the Clippers?

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