ESPN Should Suspend Cari Champion Immediately From All Further NBA Discussions


In her defense, up until recently she was sitting desk-side at the “Two Morons At A Desk” show in the early mornings starring Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless which HAD to have an insurmountable affect on not only her psyche but her common sense.  I mean, you sit in close proximity to that kind of bat-shit crazy on a daily basis for several hours, it’s bound to rub off on you in some way shape or form…..kinda like the flu…..or the bubonic plague.

Apparently more of that Mountain Dew-Extreme, donut shop baker-sports opinion rubbed off on her than anyone realized, as she decided to take that dumpster-fire of a shock-jock-opinion based logic to NBA tonight on ESPN.  Pay attention to what this insane person says at the .33 second mark and watch Chris Broussard almost loose his collective NBA-analyst shit:

Go sit down somewhere Cari Champion, just go take five minutes and collect your thoughts.  Much like Dion Waiters, you’re tryin’ to do a little too much.

And while I’m at it, David Lloyd can go take a seat as well since he put Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook above Kevin Durant on this ridiculous list of stupidity.


I heard Zoolander 2 really sucked

I heard Zoolander 2 really sucked


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