Calm Down Broncos Fans, Colin Kaepernick To The Rescue


It’s deja vu for Broncos fans who remember the John Elway era and Superbowl (s) run back in the late 90s when the looming quarterback question marks hovered over the franchise’s shoulder attempting to sneak a few answers to the post-Elway pop quiz situation.

Now, post-Superbowl victory yet again, the Broncos are in the same situation with the retirement of Peyton Manning and the looming Brock Osweiler contract negotiations.

Just to be clear (and present danger), the Broncos have an offer of 3 years for $45 million on the table to Brock-lobster-like-a-Bossweiler.  Brock went 5-2 as a starter and showed enough glimmers of NOT SUCKING to convince the Broncos that he is capable of “leading” this offense on a weekly basis.  And while we’re here discussing this topic let’s just be honest, if the Denver defense remains healthy and plays the way they did last year (ranked #1 in total defense) then the starting quarterback could be a flying squirrel named Bucky and they’d still make the playoffs.

The good news for Broncos fans?  The backup plan is Colin Kaepernick!  You know, the guy that was basically RUN out of San Francisco last season?  The guy who has less touch on his passes than John Goodman has on his meat-farts!!!  GREAT.

At least we know that Kaepernick is working out in the off-season:

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