Skip Bayless Is Leaving First Take, Stephen A Smith Will Continue The Shit-Show

Skip Bayless announced that he is leaving ESPN’s fake-ass debate show, “First Take” after the conclusion of the NBA Finals.  Reportedly he is making the jump over to FOX Sports One to be with the other most hated and un-likeable sports-troll, loud-mouthed Uncle, Colin Cowherd.

I can’t even get 1 minute into this sincere goodbye and thank you from Skip Bayless without wanting to choke myself with a bag of soiled underwear.  Both of these two sports-debate-manikans make my skin crawl, which is why i haven’t watched “First Take” consistently in several years.

Their opinions are forced and always have an over produced agenda, they talk about themselves more than any actual intelligent sports commentary and the amount of undying man-love tennis match of compliments that go back and forth between the two would make a sappy romantic novel writer want to gouge their eyes out with a rusty spoon.  Seriously, these two guys jerk each other off more than a prison yard bread-game session after a long, hard winter and 30 days in the hole (so many pseudo-sexual references there, just pick one).

In a sports version game of “Do one, Kill one, Marry one” with Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd…..I’d kill myself and just be done with it.  Get the picture?

Now I’m sure that these guys are all great human beings behind closed doors and I hope to god they don’t actually believe all the bullshit they’re constantly shoveling (they absolutely do), but they’ve never shown it to me or anyone who’s watched a second of their “on-air personas”.  In a sports media world where we want truth and facts in everything reported both from the athletes and from the media, these guys excelled at bull-shit politicizing and selfishly rhetoric-ing us to death on a daily basis.

Is there anything worse than Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd recreating Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”?  Seriously, thanks for ruining that for us all.

We beg the athletes to be honest and candid but then the information is diluted and opinion-ized to death by ego-driven talking heads like the geniuses behind “First Take”.

Best of luck Skip Bayless, FOX Sports One is slowly becoming the overpaid and over-egoed, ESPN-sloppy seconds sports Network.  I’m sure you’ll do incredibly well there.


OK, now for something positive about Skip Bayless.

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