The Bennett Brothers Destroy The Rest Of The NFL


Brothers, professionals, teammates and hosts of the NFL’s version of the Haters’ Ball, Michael and Martellus Bennett have been profiled by ESPN’s Mina Kimes……and it’s hilarious.

The brothers Bennett let loose on several former teammates and whoever the hell else they felt like talking about in the league they call home:

How do the brothers feel about Jay Cutler?

“Worst quarterback in the NFL,” [Michael] says.

“I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage,” says Martellus, who spent the past three seasons as Cutler’s teammate in Chicago.

How about Roger Goodell?

Michael: “A—hole. Nah, I’m just joking — you can’t say that. Overpaid.”

Sam Bradford?

(Both smirk like a cheshire cat.)

Michael: “The greatest quarterback in the NFL.”

Martellus: “Vicious. Competitive.”

Michael: “A real Joe Montana.”

Do Eli Manning next!

Martellus: “Eli? He’s cool. He’s like a normal white guy you see at the park trying to teach his kids how to play soccer and you know he can’t really play soccer himself.”

But what about J.J. Watt?:

Michael: “Dominant player.”

Martellus: “Corny. Half of the NFL is corny, though.”

Michael: “People love J.J. Watt, but they don’t really like J.J. Watt, know what I’m saying?”

The rest of the interview is well worth reading, make sure you check the rest out as the brothers discuss race, money and behind-the-scenes in the NFL.


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