JR Smith Gives The MOST JR Smith Answer EVER

Further solidifying his strong-hold on the biggest knucklehead in the NBA, JR Smith replied to reporters’ questions about what happened last night when he walked off the court DURING the game to show the Bucks’ Jason Terry some love on the bench, leaving his man wide open for a dunk.  Here’s the play:

Here’s the post-game response:

Never-mind the ski-mask, we’ll just tip-toe past that detail for now (obviously trying to hide from reporters the same way a 4 year-old would, by closing his eyes and covering his face with his hands, peak-a-boo) he tries to dodge the question in every man’s first reaction to a question he doesn’t want to answer: “uhhhhh, what, uhhhhhh what play are you talking about?”  “Wait, what are we talking about?”.

Then following it up with, “I didn’t know I was in the game.”


Well done JR, welllllllllllllll done.


JR Smith Leads Voting For All-Knucklehead Team 2016

JR Smith has proven his ability to do two things effectively in the NBA, shoot the ball from deep and make every fan and/or teammate of his pull out their hair in frustration due to his general basketball idiocracy.

Tonight he added to list of dumb:

JR stepped off the court to give his buddy Jason Terry some love, leaving his man wide open for a dunk.  The best part is that JR doesn’t even seem to care as he casually saunters back on the court, proving once again that he leads the way on the current NBA All-Knucklehead team.

Other players on the NBA’s “what the hell are you doing?!?” roster currently (similar to the “Tryin to Do Too Much Roster):

Lance Stevenson, Javale McGee, Hassan Whiteside, Nick Young, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans and borderline…Draymond Green.




Maybe The NFL Will Finally Pay Attention To The Real Problem

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Serial Rapist Darren Sharper Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Photo: Bob Chamberlin/Associated Press

Darren Sharper was sentenced today to 20 years in prison for drugging and raping two women he met at a West Hollywood nightclub. The prison term will run concurrent to the previous sentence of 18 years, handed down by a New Orleans federal court earlier this year.

Sharper, who retired after 14 years in the NFL and later became an NFL Network analyst, has been accused of drugging and raping women in Southern California, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Tempe, Ariz. Sharper pleaded guilty or no contest to drugging and assaulting nine women, the Los Angeles Timesreported. During sentencing in New Orleans, it was reported that 16 people came forward to say they were victims, although not all of those resulted in formal charges.

An initial global plea deal that would have given Sharper nine years in prison was rejected by U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo who said it was inappropriate and too lenient.

In the Los Angeles cases, Sharper pleaded no contest to drugging and raping two women. Before today’s sentencing in Los Angeles, one of the women spoke in the courtroom, the Times reported.

“I can only imagine myself lying there like a vegetable while he took advantage of my body without my permission,” one of the victims said in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday. “I have lost every bit of self confidence I’ve ever had and am always in fear while alone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, I can see a guy and automatically in my head think, ‘What if this guy tries to rape me?’”

Sharper is appealing his conviction in federal court.

Antonio Brown Is A Video Game


Post-turkey, pre-couch nap, during your adult beverage digestif’, you may have noticed the garbage-fire of an attempt at competition that the NFL gave us Thursday night.  The Andrew Luck-less Colts showed less commitment towards employment than the button on most people’s jeans, losing to the Steelers  28-7.  Judging by the final score, the trainwreck doesn’t look overly butcherous, but this game was never actually close.

The real take from this Scott Tolzien-Colts offensive snooze-fest was witnessing Antonio Brown dismantle an entire team over and over and over again.  Brown amassed 3 receiving TDs while only being targeted six times last night, finishing with five receptions for 91 yards total.  On paper the yardage isn’t incredibly impressive, but the numbers turn ludicrous-speed when you factor in that 60% of the time he had his hands on the ball, the play ended with dancing in the endzone.  Antonio Brown is unguardable, Big Ben is getting healthy and Le’Veon Bell is back to beast-mode, which is why the Steelers can’t be counted out for a playoff run this season.  RIP to the Colts DB Vontae Davis’ knees and ankles.

Zach LaVine Is Not Right

Even though dunk contests don’t matter anymore, Zach LaVine is STILL determined to make everyone else in the NBA look pedestrian when it comes to the fancy lay-up.  A 360 dunk off one leg from the freethrow line is no joke, guys.

Maybe the NBA All-Star weekend should consider raising the hoop for the dunk contest?  Make it a contest to see who can dunk a 13 foot hoop??  Or who can jump the furthest and still dunk a 10-foot hoop?  Let’s turn this into the track & field Olympics for the NBA.

Here’s the NFL’s explanation for why DeAndre Hopkins didn’t get a touchdown

Monday night offered another example of the NFL’s questionable officiating in 2016, with multiple instances of missed and/or botched calls in the Raiders‘ 27-20 win over the Texans. Potentially, the most egregious was a would-be touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins in which the play was blown dead but Hopkins didn’t appear to step out of bounds.

Bill O’Brien wanted to challenge the play, but it was deemed not reviewable, and the play stood as a 24-yard completion, instead of a 60-yard touchdown.

“I considered challenging many plays,” O’Brien said after the game. “Let’s go back to the first quarter. Was Hopkins out of bounds on that play? No.

“So, look, I’m not going to stand up here and get fined; I’m just a third-year coach in the NFL, but I think we really need to look at these things. We’ve got all these cameras and you can’t get that right? I didn’t think Hopkins was out of bounds, but the whistle had blown so I couldn’t challenge that play even though I threw my flag. I thought he was inbounds, so start there and list all of the things that I could have challenged.”

After the game came an explanation from Dean Blandino, NFL vice president of officiating, who took to Twitter with the league’s reason why Hopkins was ruled down.

“OK let’s talk about the play from earlier in the game where officials ruled Hopkins stepped out of bounds on the sidelines,” Blandino says over video of the play. “It’s going to be right foot at the 36-yard line right there.”

via Twitter

“You can’t see from this angle, we have coaches in the way, but you’re going to see the officials killing the blow, blowing their whistle, waving, you’re going to see the field judge killing the play.

“This is not reviewable. We ruled the player out of bounds, killing it, we’re blowing whistles. You can’t give him advance in replay — the theory is players are stopping because of the dead-ball ruling and it would be impossible to tell where the receiver would have ended up had we not killed the play.”

“Now let’s see if he was out of bounds. You’re going to get two looks at it. Right foot — right there at the 36-yard line.”

via Twitter

“Look at the heel, the heel appears to be in the white. It’s not right down the line, so it’s not definitive, but we certainly can’t say that he’s obviously in bounds from this angle. The heel looks like it’s down, it looks like it could be touching the white, it’s not definitive either way.

“You’re going to see another look at it. Watch the angle of the foot.”

via Twitter

“We know the heel is down — it certainly appears the foot is out of bounds on this angle. Again, not definitive, you need a look down the line to be 100 percent sure, but there’s no way we can say this foot is clearly inbounds.

“So the ruling on the field is he that he was out, it’s not reviewable, and that’s further clarification on the play.”

There are some issues at play here. It’s not obvious that his foot is out of bounds. It could go either way. The only way to tell, as Blandino pointed out, is by using sideline cameras. Complaining about a lack of sideline cameras when the NFL makes more than $10 billion per year is a frustrating move. Buy some sideline cameras and install them at every stadium.

It’s also problematic that replay, as Blandino as previously explained things, isn’t used to get things right, only to “fix obvious mistakes.”

This doesn’t appear to be the case, because there were seemingly obvious instances where officials made questionable calls, including a late spot of the ball multiple times that went against the Texans.

The league could instruct officials not to blow plays dead that are close, thereby allowing replay to clean up any obvious mistakes. You don’t want video officiating the game, but you do want to get the calls on the field correct. The current system simply doesn’t do a very good job of that.

A Letter To Myself

Dear Myself,

You’re pissed off, I know….I know.  You’re more confused about the 2016 presidential election than you were when you learned how procreation worked in 6th grade Catholic school and then subsequently were taught about condoms and “safe sex” the next year in public school.  “Wait, I thought sex was the way to make babies after you get married!?!?  What else have I been lied to about??  Is Hoosiers real??  Is Bull Durham NOT a documentary about Kevin Costner’s baseball career??  Tell me the TRUTH!”

It’s obvious that you’re more politically upset than you’ve ever been, anaphylactically shocked (I’m allergic to idiocracy) with the country you love.  The country that has publicly schemed and plotted to be (as a country) ABOVE racism, sexism, intolerance and misogyny.  And weren’t we also the country that supposedly lives by the creed inscribed on our lady of freedom (Statue of Liberty): “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”  

“I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me –and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

–Donald Trump

Then “we”, you know what….FUCK THAT, “WE” didn’t elect anyone, “SOMEBODY” elected a man who openly brags about infidelity and committing sexual assault and points critics to go watch porn.

How the hell did 30% of Latinos help elect a man who has routinely insulted them in public and called Mexicans “rapists“???

HOW ON EARTH did 45% of women help to elect a man who brags about “grabbing women by the pussy” while also calling women “pigs’ & ‘slobs”?

And the loudest voice out there FOR Trump, business-minded middle America that has now helped to elect a man who led half of his businesses directly to bankruptcy!

But oh, oh….he’s gonna fix our economy and “Make America Great Again”.  Thanks a lot for electing a trust-fund baby who has inherited over $600,000,000.00 from his father but claims to be a “self-made man”.
  A “self-made man” is built from scratch, he struggles and claws and bites his way to earn everything he has.  A real “self-made man” isn’t simply entitled with Monopoly money and given the opportunity to say yes or no to any lucrative business opportunity that comes their way from the time they’re old enough to raise their chubby little pinky finger while drinking Himalayan-farm fresh breast milk out of a golden baby bottle.  I got 600,000,000 reasons as to why you’re full of shit.

“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”
“The point is, you can never be too greedy.”
“I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

–Donald Trump

But I digress…….I promised myself that I wouldn’t make myself go into a Hulk-like rage from reading this letter to myself.

America is sick.  Trump is the ABSOLUTE proof.  We suffer from stupidity and even worse we cough up indifference daily towards common sense, love, empathy and understanding of our fellow man/woman/trans/gay/lesbian/sapiosexual (i just learned that one).  But seriously, who’s really THAT surprised at this result?  After the initial shock wears off, you’ll find yourself more disappointed and ashamed than surprised.  You’ll find yourself mumbling self-loathing, rabbit-hole falling comments like, “I guess I just thought we weren’t this dumb”  or “I can’t believe anyone ACTUALLY voted for this ass-clown” or “Man, I really hate middle-America right now”.

But here’s the ugly truth, America IS Donald Trump, we are NOT the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to be free anymore.  We are the over-caffeinated, greedy, introverted, selfish assholes yearning to be famous/skinny/rich/richer with a vacation home and a fucking WALL with a sign that reads “sorry, we’re all full…..Vote Trump in 2020”.

The utopian fairy tale we’ve all been sold about this potentially great country is missing the most important part needed in a good fairy tale, MORALS and VALUES.

BUT, there’s still hope.  We as a country, (yes you, me and everyone) must love stronger than our hatred can stand, we must be smarter than our anger, we must be stable and calculated in a time of mass emotional catastrophe.  This is a time to unite.  This is a time to believe in the future and continue to work towards the fairy tale.  Think……David vs Goliath.

We’re better than this America (or at least we SHOULD be), we’re stronger than our fears and we WILL be tougher and we WILL be better every day moving forward.  It starts with you and me.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality…I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”

–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Donald Trump is a mirror held up to our country’s face, we still have a lot of work to do.  But here’s our opportunity, it’s right here in front of us now…..stinking of old spice and spitting while it it talks about the size of it’s hands.

This isn’t a slap in the face, THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO UNIFY AND RAISE UP.

If the Cubs could do it, so can we.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 108 years.  Who else needs a drink?



The Future You


HBO Cancels Bill Simmons


Bill Simmons’ show  “Any Given Wednesday” has been officially cancelled by HBO, and if I had to guess why, I’d bet the house that it’s due to lack of viewers or comedy or any sort of general interest from anyone in the sports world after the second episode.

HBO signed Simmons to a reported $20 million, three-year deal in July 2015, and “Any Given Wednesday” was slated for a 20 episode season. But ratings for the show ended up being worse than “The Hasselhoffs”, and it hasn’t managed to deliver either insightful interviews or ANY viral clips except for Ben Affleck’s insane Ballghazi rant in the first episode. The show will have lasted for just 17 episodes, which in fairness is 14 episodes longer than Joe Buck Live lasted on HBO.

Any Given Wednesday, the weekly HBO talk show hosted by Bill Simmons, will finish its run on Wednesday, Nov. 9 and will not return to the network next season.

The decision was mutually agreed upon by HBO and Simmons, who joined the network in July of 2015. In the past year, Simmons has created the Bill Simmons Media Group, which is responsible for a wide range of linear and digital initiatives including the debut of The Ringer website, developing new content and assets, and re-launching the leading podcast franchise in the sports industry.

Bill Simmons: “One of the many reasons I joined HBO was to see if we could create a show built around smart conversations for sports fans and pop culture junkies. We loved making that show, but unfortunately it never resonated with audiences like we hoped. And that’s on me. But I love being a part of HBO’s family and look forward to innovating with them on other ambitious programming ideas over these next several years – both for the network and for digital. With that said, I want to thank the dedicated staff that worked so diligently with me behind the scenes to make this show every week – we hired so many great and talented people and I loved having them in my life. It’s difficult for me to imagine not working with them anymore.”

“HBO is committed to Bill Simmons, and we are excited to bring his unique vision to bear on an array of new programming initiatives under the HBO Sports banner in 2017,” said Peter Nelson, executive vice president, HBO Sports. “Bill is an award-winning executive producer in the documentary arena, and we will work closely with him in developing new and engaging content for our subscribers.”