Antonio Brown Is A Video Game


Post-turkey, pre-couch nap, during your adult beverage digestif’, you may have noticed the garbage-fire of an attempt at competition that the NFL gave us Thursday night.  The Andrew Luck-less Colts showed less commitment towards employment than the button on most people’s jeans, losing to the Steelers  28-7.  Judging by the final score, the trainwreck doesn’t look overly butcherous, but this game was never actually close.

The real take from this Scott Tolzien-Colts offensive snooze-fest was witnessing Antonio Brown dismantle an entire team over and over and over again.  Brown amassed 3 receiving TDs while only being targeted six times last night, finishing with five receptions for 91 yards total.  On paper the yardage isn’t incredibly impressive, but the numbers turn ludicrous-speed when you factor in that 60% of the time he had his hands on the ball, the play ended with dancing in the endzone.  Antonio Brown is unguardable, Big Ben is getting healthy and Le’Veon Bell is back to beast-mode, which is why the Steelers can’t be counted out for a playoff run this season.  RIP to the Colts DB Vontae Davis’ knees and ankles.

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