JR Smith Leads Voting For All-Knucklehead Team 2016

JR Smith has proven his ability to do two things effectively in the NBA, shoot the ball from deep and make every fan and/or teammate of his pull out their hair in frustration due to his general basketball idiocracy.

Tonight he added to list of dumb:

JR stepped off the court to give his buddy Jason Terry some love, leaving his man wide open for a dunk.  The best part is that JR doesn’t even seem to care as he casually saunters back on the court, proving once again that he leads the way on the current NBA All-Knucklehead team.

Other players on the NBA’s “what the hell are you doing?!?” roster currently (similar to the “Tryin to Do Too Much Roster):

Lance Stevenson, Javale McGee, Hassan Whiteside, Nick Young, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans and borderline…Draymond Green.




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