JR Smith Gives The MOST JR Smith Answer EVER

Further solidifying his strong-hold on the biggest knucklehead in the NBA, JR Smith replied to reporters’ questions about what happened last night when he walked off the court DURING the game to show the Bucks’ Jason Terry some love on the bench, leaving his man wide open for a dunk.  Here’s the play:

Here’s the post-game response:

Never-mind the ski-mask, we’ll just tip-toe past that detail for now (obviously trying to hide from reporters the same way a 4 year-old would, by closing his eyes and covering his face with his hands, peak-a-boo) he tries to dodge the question in every man’s first reaction to a question he doesn’t want to answer: “uhhhhh, what, uhhhhhh what play are you talking about?”  “Wait, what are we talking about?”.

Then following it up with, “I didn’t know I was in the game.”


Well done JR, welllllllllllllll done.


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