How Is This NOT an American TV Game Show

“Janken” means paper-rock-scissors (“taikai” means “tournament”), and I’m surprised that the game usually reserved for determining who takes the trash out or who’s sober enough to drive home hasn’t reached our airwaves already.


In Japan, “janken” dates from the 17th century and is an evolution of an older game that was imported from China that dates from 200 BC.  YES, the “age of warring states” around 200 BC during the HAN Empire in what is now China may or may not (probably not, but who cares, this is funny) have been determined by Ro-Sham-Bo.  As the competition between states increased, armies grew larger, with professional generals commanding massed ranks of infantry and cavalry. To maintain these armies and run their states efficiently, well-organized bureaucracies emerged, staffed by highly educated officials and professional rock-paper-scissor-warriors with a zest for blood (probably).

Japan, however, is often credited with helping rock-paper-scissors spread through the West……thank you Japan.

Call Ryan Seacrest, I’ve got a killer new gameshow for him to host.

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