Jon Ryan’s “Oh Shit” Moment In TNF


The Red Sea parted last night on a fake punt for Seattle Seahawks’ Jon Ryan, but the sea was angry my friends…….the sea was angry that day.

Running like a convict escaping from Shawshank, the fleet-footed-Everyone’s Uncle-Trying -to-Relive Past Glories-of a football player disguised as a NFL punter lost control of the ball as he attempted to switch hands (no doubt seeing the looming defender).  Causing a chain reaction that disrupted his own space-time continuum, resulting in a crushing blow to the head, not only knocking him out cold but also sending a ripple effect throughout our current scewed timeline which I can only imagine has lead us to the Trumptopian Government we now have in front of us.

RIP Jon Ryan faking a punt ever again.  It’s even better in real time.


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