It’s A Slow Day In Sports

Where The Fuck Are This Girl’s Legs?

Photo credit: Reddit

(originally posted on deadspin)

“The internet is going crazy over this insane optical illusion.” It’s the sentence that’s started a million blogs in the past and will continue to start a million blogs in the future—and for good reason. Because where the fuck are this girl’s legs?

As you can see, there are six girls, five sets of legs, at least two alcoholic beverages, and no one who appears to be 21.

After the issue was brought to our attention by Business Insider, the staff of Deadspin engaged in a heated debate that tested the very fabric of our already fraught and tenuous working relationships.


Much to all of our chagrin, it appears that Samer was initially right. If you look closely, and as Reddit pointed out, you’ll notice that, all the way to the left, there are actually two sets of black pants that merely appear to be one. Messing with the photo a bit helps make that more readily apparent.

Still not convinced? Allow me to enhance:

Six sets of legs. Six girls. And yet, one question remains:

Some answers are not meant to be known.

Go Packers.

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