Hey You! Wanna Play Goalie Tonight?

I don’t know much about hockey, but I know this is awesome.  Vending machine stocker and grad student, Tyler Stewart was just finishing his 5am shift when he got the call that EVERY adult-rec league player in any sport dreams of.  The St. Louis Blues backup goalie Carter Hutton had hurt his foot in the morning skate and AHL goalie Ville Husso wouldn’t be able to get there from San Antonio in time for the start of the game.  So Stewart, 25, a Blues season-ticket holder in section 313, signed an amateur tryout contract and suited up as St. Louis’s backup.

Stewart rushed to his wife’s car, grabbed his gear and made his way to the arena.

“I got to listen to the pregame speech with [Mike] Yeo,” Stewart said. “It’s crazy how loose they are. You would think they’d be tight a little, but they’re joking around like you wouldn’t even think they’re playing a hockey game. It’s a cool environment, nothing like I’d ever experienced before.

“I sat next to Tarasenko. He was awesome. Him and [Vladimir] Sobotka were asking me how to spell scissors because they were confused about the spelling. They were saying it as Caesar, like Caesar salad. It was pretty funny. They just talked to me like I was one of the guys. It was pretty cool.”

Stewart has a hockey background, he played club hockey at St. Louis University and now plays in a men’s league locally.  Now he can add NHL goalie to his list of accolades, which would make him the most popular player in any rec league.

This type of occurrence seems to be a bit of trend in the NHL, which honestly makes me wanna watch more hockey.  You’d never see anything like this in any other pro sport, from the vending machines strait to the bench in less than 2 hours.

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