The Masters immediately reminds us how NOT cool golf really is

There’s an incredible harbinger of excitement floating around the 2018 Masters tournament, mostly due to the Tiger Woods-buzz that is the buzziest it’s been in over a decade. Everyone is ecstatic to see if Tiger can FINALLY make “his comeback”.

But even with the most marketable golfer in the the history of the game that the Scotts originally referred to as “fahking hit the ball into the hole!”, somehow the old white guys in Augusta have managed to steal some fun away from the younger crowd that they soooo need to stick around.

The tyrannical word-Nazis of Augusta have outlawed the current beer-commercial phrase of the year, “dilly dilly”.

If you shout out “dilly dilly” after a golfer whacks a drive off the teebox, you’ll be gently thrown the hell out of Augusta by a no-neck, pastel poloshirt-wearing security guard.

Ritchie reports a staffer for his site was told by a security guard they’d been handed a sheet with a list of banned phrases, which includes “dilly dilly.”

Although Budweiser’s “dilly dilly” ad primarily ran during football games last season, people have taken to yelling it at golf tournaments this year, probably because it’s hilarious.

On a similar but contradicting note, Charles Barkley hasn’t ever been thrown out of Augusta:


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