USA Men’s curling team should stick to curling

The gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic men’s curling team could use some work on the ceremonial first pitches, or maybe any type of sport that doesn’t involve ice, a broom and a rock.

Man, those were bad. Crummy opening pitches have become the norm, pretty much across the board. But every once in a while you get a REALLY shitty throw that makes everyone watching simultaneously say “tha fuck was that?”.

The combined efforts of (from left to right) Joe Polo, John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, and John Landsteiner resulted in one respectable throw—well, one and a half if we count Hamilton rolling his baseball to the catcher. By far the best/worst of the bunch is Tyler George (middle) going full “Wild Thing” by tossing it to the wrong catcher completely in curling-unison with John Shuster’s toss that ended up in the bottom of Lake Minnetonka.

Go team USA.



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