JR Smith with the worst JR Smith moment ever

Warriors NBA Finals team MVP – JR Smith

Somewhere Chris Webber is weeping tears of joy, because for a short time JR Smith has relinquished him from the throne of basketball-whoops moments in the brightest of spotlight-moments.

The battle between JR Smith, Nick Young and Javale McGee for the NBA’s #1 “can’t get-right” performer of the year was solidified last night in the Golden State Warriors’ overtime victory over the Cleveland Lebrons, 124-114.

After pulling down an offensive rebound off a free-throw, JR Smith couldn’t be bothered with trivial details like how much time was left on the clock, or what the score was or even what city he was in at the moment. Literally everyone in the building and watching on TV knew that the game was tied at 107-107 with four seconds left, but when he rebounded the missed free-throw, Smith opted to dribble out the clock rather than take a shot or make a pass or perhaps even accidentally do something right. You know how sometimes you can miss a shot so bad that you actually bank it in? Well, JR couldn’t even muster that kind of game ending heroics.

Once Smith reached half-court with the ball, all he had left was Lebron’s “wtf are you doing” face and the twitter universe drooling at the opportunity to take Smith down a peg or two-hundred.

Which way to Houston?

This would be sad if it wasn’t somewhat expected at this point. JR’s been on the Hennessey-hoop-game for quite a while and with JR Smith, Henny-thing is POSSIBLE!

Game 1 for the Cavs was the most important game of the series, which sounds ridiculous considering it was game 1. But when you’re playing the Warriors in Oracle Arena and you can somehow squeak out a win early in the series, you HAVE to take advantage of that opportunity. Lebron played what will probably be his best overall game of the series (NBA Finals Career) with 51-8-8, you can’t ask him to do that every single game, even if he may be the only man on the planet that could actually do it in the NBA Finals.

This was the Cavs’ game to steal in Golden State, but instead Cleveland fans and Lebron are left with a bitter taste in their mouth similar to a bad sunflower seed paired with a tall glass of expiration date-past-due milk.

At least JR Smith hasn’t done anything like this before, so no one could’ve seen it coming…..errrr wait:

“Honestly, I thought we were down two when I shot the ball,’’ Smith said then. “I started hearing Tyson [Chandler] say, ‘Noooo, don’t take the shot.’ Just a good shot, bad timing. I realized right after. Bad basketball IQ by me.”

–Jr Smith



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