Lebron, can you define ‘Bum’?

First they abort Seattle, then they lose Durant and Harden, now this? Hasn’t this franchise had enough bad news in it’s lifetime?

I just can’t get enough of this constant sports-related, non-sensical, 3rd grade-birthday party bullshit that keeps spewing out of the non-elected president Trump’s face-hole:

Even though LeBron James, Steph Curry, the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization, you, me and everyone else in the world  has already said that no sports team is interested in visiting the White House, today Donald Trump tried to pretend like he wouldn’t have invited them anyway……cause that’s a normal reaction from a 71 year-old man in charge of literally everything this country has to offer.

The classic “well, you’re not invited to my party anyway” defense runs deep with 6 year-olds and drunk 20-something sorority girls whose ex-boyfriend slept with their best friend.

Surely the current NBA Finals basketball players will regret the opportunity to watch  the round-mound of orange chicken slurp himself around the South Lawn in order to regurgitate more crazy-ass-old, white guy-propoganda and forget words to “God Bless America”.

Lebron said it best back in September:

This is one of two insanely useless sports-related proclamations that Trump has made today. The other was his public consideration of pardoning the late boxer Muhammad Ali, who has no criminal record.
A consideration that is par for the course for Mr Trump, un-inviting people who don’t want to attend and then reinstating someone who’s already instated. Maybe the next trick for the President will be to get the troops out of Vietnam? Or perhaps ask Mr. Gorbachev to tear down his wall?
How did we get here!?!?


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