The battle continues: JR Smith vs Nick Young for worst tattoos ever

Stop this insanity

Since the NBA Finals will be over in less than 6 hours, we need to discuss a topic that fuels the fire for competitive gravitas. Nick Young vs. JR Smith for the ultimate hoops-knucklehead crown.

The ultimate battle royale between Nick Young and JR Smith continues, moving into the topic of tattoos:

can you cut a guy during the playoffs, so they don’t get a ring?

Swaggy P comes hard with some random jibberish, a smiley face and an air plane. From this collage, I concur that Swaggy P’s favorite movie probably stars some kind of singing bear, snowman or bumble bee.

What is going on here?

JR Smith’s tat game takes the prize though:

I don’t get it.

Nothing says “I can hoop” like some other guy’s jersey and name tattooed on your tummy.





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