Woj went full thesaurus mode at the NBA draft

you sly devil, you.

originally posted here on deadpsin.com…….

Despite a report from Awful Announcing stating that reporters associated with NBA broadcast partners were asked by the league not to tip picks, the draft-night focus of ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski could not be shaken. But while Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania appeared to outright ignore the league’s order, his former mentor Woj added just a bit of winking uncertainty to his spoilers this year, maintaining some plausible deniability.

Woj has been playing this game all night, though some attempts at subtlety were better than others:

  1. “has a laser on”
  2. “are fixated on”
  3. “is tantalized by”
  4. “have no plans to pass on”
  5. “are unlikely to resist”
  6. “has cleared the way”
  7. “are enamored with”
  8. “is zeroing in on”
  9. “is determined to select”
  10. “is locked on”
  11. “is locked in on”
  12. “prefers”
  13. “are targeting”
  14. “is focused on”
  15. “has been focused on”
  16. Getting scooped by your own protégé
  17. “are on”

a quaf-envious Adam Silver shakes the hand of Lonnie Walker on draft night

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