The GOAT list

Admittedly, I stole this idea from – who may have stole it from someone else…irrrregardless.

An exercise of free association-sports babble, below are the GOATS listed straight from the top of the dome with very little thought or regrets, feel free to comment, reply, email, discuss, rip-apart, judge, ridicule and enjoy:

Football: Brady
Baseball: Mays
Hukky: Gretzky
Boxing: Ali
Tennis: Serena
Basketball (Men): Jordan (Lebron’s 3 for 9 in the Finals)
Basketball (Women): uhhhhhhhhh, Lisa Leslie?
Soccer: Pele’ (amI right!?!?)
Acting: Streep and DeNiro
Rock: Rolling Stones
Pop: Michael Jackson (unless you consider The Beatles “pop”)
Country: Willie Nelson orrrrrr who really cares, it all basically sounds the same.
Hip Hop: Jay-Z
Comedy: Eddie Murphy
Book: Playboy
Painting: Banksy
Composer: Beethoven or Mozart, that’s all I know – they invented the piano as far as I am concerned.
Chef: Whoever invented the hamburger
Doctor: Julius Irving
Lawyer: Johnny Cochran (is there ANY other answer!!?)
President: James Polk (he accomplished everything he set out to do)
Holiday: Christmas
Fast Food: In & Out
Candy: Skittles
Beer: Fat Tire (I’m a simple bitch)
War: World War II (best movies came from killing Nazis)
Movie: Goodfellas
Planet: Uranus
Oprah: Ellen DeGeneres
Board game: Candyland
Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies & Cream
Pizza: Pepperoni w/ extra cheese
Dinosaur: Velociraptor
Burger: Umami Burger (all of them)
Car: 1967 Ford Mustang fastback – Eleanor
Podcast: “In The Paint” coming to a podcastery near you soon

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