World Magic Championships winning trick will make you cross-eyed

It’s rare to find a write-up about magic on this site…unless we’re talking about Magic Johnson or the illustrious career of the legendary Magic Man himself, Cal Naughton Jr.

Now ya see me, now ya don’t!

The International Federation of Magic Societies only holds its World Championships of Magic every three years, kinda like the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pulitzer Prize…except more difficult to win. Seriously, you think Gandhi or Robert Frost knew any good card tricks?


Close-up magician Eric Chien manages to squeeze so many impossible tricks into his World Championships of Magic-winning routine, that the 6-minute youtube video below will seem like a blink of an eye – leaving you desperate for more. 

Enjoy the rest of your life knowing that sorcerers and wizards are living amongst us all, nothing makes sense anymore. Time isn’t linear, space is vast and endless, up is down and left is now right. 

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