Darren McFadden fell asleep in a Whataburger drive-through

According to McKinney (Tex.) police, via the Dallas Morning News, former Cowboys, Raiders and University of Arkansas running back Darren McFadden was arrested early Monday morning in the Dallas suburb and charged with driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest. McFadden was discovered asleep in his car (I mean, who hasn’t done this?) by employees of a McKinney Whataburger just after midnight. He was arrested shortly after.

McFadden was released from police custody on personal recognizance after being booked just after 10 a.m Monday morning. Collin County arrest records show that McFadden, who does not have an attorney listed, was ordered by a court to install an ignition interlock device on his car.

De’Aaron Fox has some advice for everyone

Don’t jump with De’Aaron Fox – also don’t challenge him to a foot-race. You’ll lose both bets 100 out of 100 times. Far-be-it from me to blow smoke about a Kentucky guy, but dear Lord….the man is bionic and must be acknowledged publicly.

Normally Sacramento is where hoopers fade away, but before the brilliant spectrum of De’Aaron Fox’s timeline in Sacramento inevitably reduces to gray – please take a moment to watch a Kings game and appreciate the poetry in motion.