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The sports and lifestyle podcast with soul – two former college basketball players turned purveyors of entrepreneurial experiences, explore the truth about the intersect of sports and life, both on and off the field or court. When you’re In The Paint, the defense has broken down and there’s nowhere to hide – you gotta be honest and true to yourself, it’s gritty and tough when you’re In The Paint, can you handle it?

If a locker room could talk, we’d be the microphone.

Geoff Walker: co-host/co-creator – NCAA Collegiate Basketball Player – Entrepreneur & Philanthropist – Founder of Kickstand World LLC – Co-founder of The Collective Sports & Entertainment Management Group

Casey Gutting: co-host/co-creator – NCAA Collegiate Basketball Player – Published Sports & Entertainment Writer – Author, TV & Content Writer/Producer – Avid Rec League Buckets-Getter

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