The Origins of theCoLA

Chiseled out of granite and stone from deep within the Rocky Mountains of Colorado: combines the grace and soul of a ballet dancer with the aggression and bravado of Richard Sherman.

Our founder created this dream of a sports culture-lifestyle website OF the people, FOR the people and  BY the people.  After years of investigation and experience around the psyche of the sports culture, TheCoLA was born.

The ever-flowing and always evolving development of this site has three main journalistic goals in mind:

1)  Smart, funny and stupid is still smart and funny.

2)  We live in a “twitter society”, no one likes to read long, 10,000-word articles about Brett Favre anymore.  We’ll keep it SHORT, but to the point (usually), ENTERTAINING (set-up, set-up, punchline), and EDUCATED (cause we’re smaaahhttt).


3)  Beer tastes even better during a long discussion about sports.

  • Sports Entertainment at it’s finest (or it’s lowest) is the main objective, coming from people with over 100 years of sports experience (collectively), numerous college degrees (allegedly), OVER two Division One College Basketball Scholarships (pat ourselves on the back) and at least 1 Championship winning teams (rec leagues included).


One thought on “The Origins of theCoLA

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