Casey S. Gutting

Professional Freelance Writer

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  •  I’ve performed professional copywriting and editing for brands like: Toyota, Audience Network, Sony, AT&T and even an artificial intelligence tech start-up – ObEN. I’ve creatively produced content for program proposals, initial concept pitches, client-facing presentations and award submissions. A few examples are available here.


  •  I have multiple years of writing experience on several TV shows, and even a few acting credits – in the MOST general sense of the word “acting”:

  •  I’m a regular contributor to Yahoo Sports, most recently for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, in which my articles generated over 30 million views, the highest amount on the yahoo site during the Olympics:

  •  I’m the founder and lead writer/editor for , the premium  sports & entertainment blog for non-sensical athletic banter and pop-culture references: 

Writing Services

I’m a writer, exciter and authentic soul with 10 years of professional writing experience in various fields: television, film, sports and creative copywriting. Projects have ranged from articles/blog entries for websites, product descriptions, creative marketing and advertising proposals, general website content and content analysis. A dynamic range of skills and interests have granted me opportunities to write about sports, lifestyles, pop-culture, television, film, the automotive industry, music, festivals, event activations, health and fitness, advanced tech, and much more.

Working with tight deadlines has groomed me to be a quick study in any subject with a keen eye for selling the steak AND the sizzle. I pride myself on my ability to get up to speed quickly and deliver a stellar finished product.

Feel free to contact Casey S. Gutting directly with any questions here.




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